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Who is Jahvan Trois ?



Jeremiah Jahvan Cobbs, also known as Jahvan Trois, was born and raised in Oakland California. He began his fashion journey in 2015 when he started taking a fashion course at College of Alameda. He became certified in Apparel Design and Merchandising as well as received his AA. In July of 2018, Jahvan Trois was born. 


Jeremiah's goal is to design at the highest level that fashion offers. His dream is to create a black owned brand that will be represented in the same spaces as all of our top major brands such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Prada.... From there he will like to create spaces for other artist to come and create. These spaces will not only include fashion but will cater to all of the arts. These spaces will be placed in the heart of struggling cities. He believes that it will not just bring income to the city but a positive influence to have access to a place that allows you to create freely. " The more positive things we see and experience the more positivity we will be in our lives and the lives of others." 




Luxury Street Wear is so misunderstood in the fashion industry because the people trying to label it do not come from a street background to understand it. You cannot understand what you have never lived. Each and every city all over the world has their own style. Streetwear comes from the streets, from the unseen, and the undiscovered. Many major brands take our ideas and sell them at top dollar. Its time that we take our designs and sell them the same.

This is why I am different. I understand streetwear design because that is my background.. My motorcycle inspired designs are one up because I actually ride. I can create skate or tactical inspired clothing because i do these things in my personal life. I feel what is missing. I know what the people like because I am the people. I don't have to look for the next best thing I can create it. Streetwear has always controlled the fashion industry. Our hip-hop culture always showed us what was next in fashion and the streets always told them. I am the streets. I am streetwear.

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